Kamis, 02 Juli 2015

Twin Falls Tiu Teja Lombok

paket wisata lombok the island nicknamed "Thousand Mosques" bestowed many in the natural beauty of the waterfall is very beautiful. Call it among the already popular with tourists are waterfalls Sendang Gila, Kelep Tiu, Tiu Pupus, and Kerta Ganges in North Lombok regency, then waterfall Stokel Yarn and Yarn Nets in LombokTengah district, and waterfalls Brain Kokok, Niagara Sweet Orange in East Lombok. Actually, there are many more waterfalls on the slopes - The slopes of Mount Rinjani in addition to Twin Falls - tour lombok Tiu Teja Lombok.Tetapi one of which is now being developed as new tourist destinations namely Tiu Teja Twin Falls Village Lombok Santong, District of Heaven, North Lombok. Waterfall with a height of about 40 meters which are hidden in the woods of Mount Rinjani belantar pristine and beautiful, according to the tourists who've been, panoramic beauty even beat another waterfall that has developed as a tourist destination first. If another waterfall, water slid down usually single (one), or the width if the source of the rushing water. paket wisata lombok Then waterfall Tiu Teja chilli inipunya two eyes waterfall that slid by side. The beauty again, when it gets sunlight, will appear at any time between the rainbow light refraction water droplets that slide. Due to frequent visible light rainbow at the waterfall, local people finally give the name Niagara Teja Tie ". "Tiu" in Lombok Sasak language means rainbow. From Mataram, waterfall Tiu Teja is about 60km, or about 2 hours using a motor vehicle. Because the path to the waterfall from the village main road are still across the gardens and dense forests as far as 2 KM, our advice to visitors in order use motorcycles only. Could use the car, but can only reach the gate on the outskirts of the village. To get to the next location can hire a motorcycle taxi driver. Make The Hobby Climbing - paket tour lombok But for those who like adventure / hike, walk to the location of Twin Falls Tiu Teja Lombok is also full of amazing experiences. These will be presented across the coffee plantations owned by the community, to further enter the tropical forests on the slopes of Mount Rinjani is still dense and natural. Friendly greeting residents will often terdengan when passed, so did the sound of melodious sound of birds, partridges, or gray monkey, will accompany your journey towards location of the waterfall. Sign when you get in Twin Falls location Tiu Teja Lombok, namely the existence of Monitoring Post-owned BKSDA (Natural Resources Conservation Center), please park the motorcycle on the ground, and continue the journey by walking down the path that has now been made rung up location of the waterfall. Waterfall Tiu Teja chilli is not visible from the - mutiara lombok BKSDA monitoring post, but the roar of the waterfall has been heard and tempt the visitors to go down and enjoy the cool and fresh mountain spring water. Sure enough, arrived at the location, we also had stunned and amazed by the panorama presented. Two waterfalls white eye looks down glide with the swift, thus forming an width below about 10 square meters, with a depth of about 1 meter, making it safe for swimming activities. harga mutiara Kah interested ?? Waiting for, let's immediately go to Twin Falls Tiu Teja Lombok !! Do not forget to bring a camera, because the beauty of the moment that is in the water terjung Tiu Teja will be futile if not immortalized.mutiara lombok

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