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Lombok Tour 3 Days 2 Nights

paket wisata lombok Lombok Tour 3 Days 2 Nights there are many options depending on the wisatwan disni wrote milihnya, before I tell about Lombok Tour 3 Days 2 Nights follows me kasi tourist information first: p ... Lombok is not only the island with beaches and temples, were stored here trace the spread of Islam. Ancient mosque Bayan Beleq is one of the sites mentioned this. tour lombok Not only that, because it was given the title "ancient mosque" then you may be amazed by the unique structure has. Perhaps only the ancient mosque parrots Beleq one who has this kind of architecture. The size of the mosque is quite small, only 9 x 9 meters with walls of woven bamboo and comes from hardened clay paved and lined with woven bamboo mat. Bilhah-roof is made of bamboo. This mosque foundation stone without using cement. Unique is not it? Bayan Old Mosque construction has a philosophical meaning Beleq consisting of head, body and legs that describe the world over, the world's middle and bottom of which is a unity in the community of North Lombok cosmos entity. (Info: Lombok Tour 3 Days 2 Nights) mutiara lombok Ancient mosque Bayan Belek is located in the district of North Lombok regency Bayan precisely located on the border between North Lombok and East Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Bayan district includes much of downtown, or about 80 km from Mataram. Therefore, the area is still very traditional though by no means closed off from modern life. Bayan community tradition one of them visible from his house that still follow the original building their ancestors were also similar to the architecture of the mosque. harga mutiara That's why, you might be a bit difficult to find this mosque because it is similar to building a house parrots in general. Shaded villagers also have some specific habits that they daily consume the fur paddy rice varieties that are believed first planted in the fields Bayan. There is also a belief if the citizens do not grow rice this type then they will experience crop failure.Ancient mosque Bayan Beleq founded about 300 years ago. Until now who founded the mosque was not yet clear. Some sources say the mosque was founded by a prince who was buried in the mosque complex known as the Tomb of Titi Mas prince. Some other stories mention Sunan Giri who built along with an empty piece of land given by the king parrots to himself. mutiara lombok There is also mention that the mosque was built by Sunan Prapen or known by the name of Prince Senopati which is nothing but a grandson of Sunan Giri. Despite the history of the Old Mosque Bayan Beleq still confusing, but its uniqueness will not make you disappointed to visit. The name "Beleq" in this mosque means "large tomb". Yes, there are a number of tombs that were in the mosque compound that is Gaus Abdul Rozak is believed to be the first Muslim missionaries in the region. Also there is a small hut next to the rear right and left front of the mosque which is the tomb of religious leaders who intervene and take care of the construction of this mosque from the beginning. (Info: Lombok Tour 3 Days 2 Nights) harga mutiara This mosque is now no longer used for worship everyday. Yes, the mosque is only used when the big day warning the Islamic religion. Even more interesting, the celebration of Eid, the mosque is not only pray but held three days after the Eid celebration organized Adat High. According to local people, this celebration is used to sustain and strengthen the Eid al-Fitr. Customary activities on Eid celebration is called Serah High rack. Bringing food shelf is rectangular and made of woven bamboo covered with banana leaves. paket wisata lombok This is contained on a banana leaf meals and side dishes such as ointment, satay, fish, chicken, mutton and others. Each material is placed in the rack is the contribution of the villagers voluntarily. Cook was conducted jointly by the public Bayan. That said, by eating the food shelf, then whatever we want to be successful. lombok tour The tourists who will visit the Old Mosque Bayan Beleq must follow the rules set by the manager must use traditional dresses and bouffant like dodot sapuk. Mosque complex is visited by many tourists during the celebration of the Birth of the Prophet Muhammad.mutiara lombok Related article: Lombok Property LombokLand for Sale South Sea Pearls wholesale

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